Bass Guitar & Vocals

David Hartlett is the newest Colvex recruit, joining the band after a frantic few weeks of auditions following Shaun's departure in early 2011.

Formerly bassist with Watford based band The Informals and, prior to that, with farGone (whilst serving in the RAF!), David immediately impressed with his versatile playing ability. Also being lightning fast on the uptake when learning the band's material — helped no doubt by his part time job as a guitar tutor — David edged past his fellow contenders to become Colvex's third bass guitarist.

Also offering the band new possibilities as an extra backing vocalist and in possession of a fine sense of humour to boot, Simon and Gav were in no doubt they'd found their man for the job!

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David Hartlett
technical info
David plays... Ibanez SR305 5 string bass & Line 6 Lowdown LD175 amplifier
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